Acne Treatment

Acne scar is a very common problem. Your body’s first response is to repair the skin tissue by forming new collagen. However, your body can either produce a lot of collagen and this will result in raised scars, or it can produce minimal collagen and cause depressed scars.

When topical creams and oral tablets fail, there is still a lot we can do such as lasers, chemical peel, dermabrasion, or surgery. We can use the Co2 laser for resurfacing, which improves the ridges and cavities, and the PDL laser for skin pigmentation and redness.

For resistant cases, surgery remains the best option. It involves excision of the scar and closure. You should bear in mind that the healing of acneiform skin takes a while, and you should expect some redness for few weeks.

For the more extensive cases of acne involving different spots in the face, deep plane facelift surgery is an amazing option. It will lift the skin, fat and underlying muscle back to their original place, thus stretching the scars, which become barely visible.

During your consultation, Dr. Abi Akl will guide you through all the available options of acne treatment and together will decide on the best treatment for your case. There is no one size fits all procedure, each procedure is customized to meet your goal.

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