The purpose of this surgery is to bring the hairline lower in people with a long forehead. Once the hairline is advanced, the excess skin is removed. The incision(pretrichial) is usually hidden in the hairline and it is beveled against the hair follicles. This allows significant advancement of the scalp up to 4 cm and hair growth into the incision. This procedure takes almost 2 hours and is usually done under local and sedation anesthesia.

It is important to analyze the whole face before deciding on foreheadplasty and seeking harmony is the main goal. there is no guideline regarding the amount of skin that should be removed, rather every case should be treated independently. This procedure has a very high success rate with very minimal complications such as scarring, asymmetry, permanent paresthesia or motor nerve weakness. When performed by an experienced surgeon, foreheadplasty is a very low risk surgery.

Am I a good candidate?

For you to be a good candidate, you have to have an overall good health and have realistic expectations. You need to have a dense hairline and you should make sure that you are no longer losing hair.

What is the recovery period?

You should expect swelling and bruising for the first week. The swelling will improve gradually over the next 2 to 3 weeks. In the postoperative period, you may experience either temporary hair loss or hypertrophic scar (which can be treated with steroid injections). The stitches are usually removed after 5 to 7 days and you will be able to go back to work in about 2 weeks. The sensation may be blunted for about 6 months. During your consultation, you will be given detailed instructions to follow before and after your surgery.

What about the scars?

After you have completely healed,  the scar will become barely visible.

Dr. Abi Akl is an expert in foreheadplasty. During your consultation, he will answer all your concerns and explain to you every step of the procedure and what to expect on the short and long term.

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