Lip Rejuvenation

Fillers are commonly used to augment the upper and lower lips. Either you want to contour or to augment the upper lip or both, Dr. Abi Akl will make sure to achieve what you want and most importantly avoid a fake look. When injecting the lower lip, there are several factors to take into consideration. The projection of the cheek and the chin are very important. The relation of the upper lip to the lower lip is important as well. There should be balance between all these landmarks to achieve a youthful and natural appearance. The regular ratio of the upper to lower lip is 1:1.6 however most people wish to have it close to 1:1. You should be very careful while injecting the lower lips because overfilling them can result in lower lip protrusion or lengthening. Cosmetically, it is ideal to have 2 soft pillows on the lower lips close to midline. This gives a natural and softer look to the lower lips. As we age the corners of the lower lips tend to atrophy and point down towards the chin, this can be corrected using fillers as well.

This procedure is quick; the result takes 10 to 14 days to fully show and you can go back to work right away.

Dr. Abi Akl is an expert in injectables. During your consultation, he will answer all your concerns and explain to you every step of the procedure and what to expect on the short and long term.

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