Chin Revision Surgery

Today, there is a wide range of chin implants that help better define the chin and the jawline compared to the previous older implants that targeted the center of the chin, resulting in an unnatural look.

Revision chin implant surgery takes 45 minutes, and it is done under local anesthesia.

What about the recovery?

You should expect some swelling and bruising couple of day and it will start to improve gradually over the next week. The stitches are removed in 5 to 7 days and you can go back to work in 10 days.

What about the scars?

The incision is placed in the submental crease. After you have completely healed, the scar will become barely visible.

Dr. Abi Akl is an expert in chin augmentation surgery. During your consultation, he will answer all your concerns and explain to you every step of the procedure and what to expect on the short and long term. You will be given detailed instructions to follow before and after your surgery.

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