Liquid Rhinoplasty

Both fillers and botox can be used to refine nose irregularities or camouflage a dorsal hump, or even define the nasal tip.  However liquid rhinoplasty can not achieve the results of a surgical rhinoplasty. The results are excellent when you select the candidates wisely.
Dr. Abi Akl can use filler and botox to camouflage a dorsal hump, get rid of irregularities, achieve symmetry of the nose, and adjust the nostrils in some cases.
However, a liquid nose job cannot replace surgery in case of severe tip deformity or for those patients wishing to have a tiny nasal tip.

This procedure is quick; the result takes 10 to 14 days to fully show, and you can go back to work right away.
During your consultation, Dr. Abi Akl will answer all your concerns and explain to you every step of the procedure and what to expect on the short and long term.

If you are interested in non surgical rhinoplasty, schedule a virtual or clinical appointment or call our office.

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