Revision Eyelid Surgery

The eyes and face are the the first thing you typically see. The earliest signs of aging usually appear around the eyes and can make you look tired. In your 20’s, you may start to experience under eye bags, dark circles or skin sagging. in your 30’s, the eyelid can start to change and wrinkles may form due to dryness. By your 40’s, you will likely notice aging in the corners of your eyes.

Eye surgery is very sensitive and should be performed by a highly skilled surgeon. People seek revision eyelid surgery to achieve results left unmet in previous surgery. It is a common mistake to remove too much skin which can cause eye exposure and subsequent dryness and corneal injury. On the other hand, when too little is done during the first surgery, this will leave the patient with the same problem that pushed them to undergo the surgery initially.

Dr. Abi Akl is keen to understand your goals and expectations from the surgery and will explain to you thoroughly about the procedure and what needs to be done to provide you with the desired goal.