Upper Lip Lift

As we age, the lip thins and lengthens, hence hindering tooth show. This procedure shortens the vertical height of the upper lip, providing as well some eversion and better definition of cupid’s bow. It is very important to collaborate with the cosmetic dentistry team in case the patient has or is willing to have Vinyrs to determine the appropriate height of the lip in relation to the tooth show. This is not a one size fits all surgery, but a custom fit one.

Lip lift helps softening over-injected lips which tend to be heavy and push the upper lips down and forward creating an unnatural look. Young and older patients benefit similarly from this procedure.

In younger patients, the procedure is typically used to avoid obtaining a plastic appearance with fillers.

The procedure takes 45 min and is done under local anesthesia.

Since this surgery involves a deep plane lift, the recovery takes 3 months. The first week, your upper lip will be very swollen, the second week, it will start to taper down, the third week you are good to go back to your activities, 2 months following the procedure, the lip looks good but still may be a little hard, 3 months after is when your lip looks perfect.