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It is crucial to understand the difference among the different facelift techniques used worldwide.

I will try to make this as simple as possible. The SMAS (Subcutaneous Musculo-Aponeurotic System) is a connective tissue layer found right under the skin and covers the mimetic muscles in the face and is responsible to hold the muscle , fat, and skin in place under zero tension.

However, this is not permanent; As we age, the SMAS looses its ability to hold these structures, hence, the muscle and fat in your face droop and you start noticing wrinkles, drooping of your cheeks, deepening of the nasolabial creases, under eyes hollowing, neck lines and sagging skin etc..

The previous techniques used to treat the superficial wrinkles and sagging skin without addressing the underlying SMAS. This resulted in unnatural results because of the excess tension and pulling on the skin.

Deep plane facelift consists of releasing the SMAS in the face and neck and repositioning it to its original place without pulling or tightening. This technique does not involve any tension, and it achieves a long lasting and very natural result.

This is very different than SMAS plication or imbrication or SMASectomy.

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